CASFM Awards

The Association's highest honor is the "CASFM Grand Award for Engineering Excellence" which is presented at each annual association conference. The next competition for the Grand Award will be held during the 28th Annual CASFM Conference at Breckenridge.

2015 Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park
2014 To Move a River – Saving Loveland’s Water Supply
City of Loveland, Ayres Associates, and Tetra Tech
2013 Lefthand Creek Flood Control Project
City of Longmont, Muller, Wenk, ERO, Naranjo
2012 Canal Importation Ponds and Outfall Design
City of Fort Collins, Ayres Associates, and Anderson Consulting Engineers
2011 Piney Creek Stream Stabilization, Bridge and Storm Sewer Project
SEMSWA, UDFCD, Arapahoe County, Centennial, and Ayres Associates
2010 Elmer’s Twomile Greenways Project
by the City of Boulder, Urban Drainage, WH Pacific, and Centennial Engineering
2009 South Platte River Globeville and North Areas Flood Control and Greenways Project,  

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by the City and County of Denver, UDFCD, and Belt Collins West
2008 Montclair Storm Drainage Improvements
City and County of Denver, UDFCD, and WHPacific, Inc.
2007 Cherry Creek Stream Restoration and Crossing at 17 Mile House,
by the Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority, UDFCD, ERO Resources, and Muller Engineering
2006 The Dry Creek Drainage Improvement Project
City of Fort Collins, URS Corporation, and Stantec Engineering.
2005 The Grand Junction Combined Sewer Elimination Project in Grand Junction, Colorado.

shared by:
Goose Creek Improvements in a Developed Urban Environment in Boulder and
Comprehensive Stormwater Management for the Stapleton Development in Denver

2003 The Historic Arkansas Riverfront Project (HARP) in Pueblo, Colorado.
2002 The Locust Street Outfall in Fort Collins, Colorado.
2001 The Grange Hall Creek Channel Improvements in the City of Northglenn, Colorado
2000 The Marston Lake North Tributary Outfall in the City and County of Denver, Colorado
1999 The Willow Creek Channel Improvements and Sedimentation Pond in Arapahoe County, Colorado
1998 The Implementation of the Rock Creek Stormwater Master Plan in Superior, Colorado
1997 The Boulder Creek Watershed Awareness Program in the City of Boulder, Colorado
1996 The Goose Creek Channel Improvements in the City of Boulder, Colorado
1995 The Foothills Regional Channel in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado
1994 Upper Sloan Lake Basin - City of Edgewater and UDFCD.
1993 The Kiowa Creek Flood Protection Project in the Town of Wiggins, Colorado
1992 CU Research Park, by the University of Colorado-Boulder and Love and Associates

For more information contact our Awards Chairman:

John Pflaum, P.E.